MONTANA – Montana Department of Commerce Director Pam Haxby-Cote today announced $862,000 in grants to nine research projects in five communities to encourage innovation, research and high-wage job creation.

“Investing in technology is a proven way to strengthen Montana’s diverse economy and create jobs,” said Director Haxby-Cote. “Continuing to fund cutting-edge research is key to ensuring Montana remains competitive with rapidly-changing technology, and is an investment into the future of the businesses that will grow because of that research.”

The funds are being awarded through the Montana Board of Research and Commercialization Technology. MBRCT supports economic development by investing in research projects that have a clear path to commercialization.

Since 2001, the board has funded $42.8 million into 234 research projects, which in turn have attracted another $369 million in investment.

Full List of Grant Recipients:


  • Pre-hydrated Composite Allograft Cervical Spacers (Helena Lovick, Xtant Medical, Belgrade), $106,047
  • Commercialization of High Omega-3 Food Production Through Selective Breeding and Diet Modification of Acheta Domesticus (James Rolin, Cowboy Cricket Farms LLC, Belgrade), $57,384


  • Research Support for Design and Fabrication of an Aerated Partially Hydrated Low Shear Biofilm Reactor (Darla Goeres, Montana State University, Bozeman), $55,451
  • Internally Cooled Laser Trapped Particles for Ultra-High Sensitivity Accelerometry (Wm. Randall Babbitt, Montana State University, Bozeman), $83,400
  • Development of Personalized Metabolomics by Single Cell Analysis and Application to Model Parkinson’s Disease (Renee Reijo Pera, Montana State University, Bozeman), $122,750


  • Innovative Subsurface Sampling Technology for Energy Production and Environmental Applications (Brian Park, Montana Emergent Technologies, Inc., Butte), $65,004


  • KaL: A Novel Drug Discovery Engine (Braxton Norwood, Expesicor LLC, Kalispell), $101,250


  • Novel Countermeasures for the Prevention of Respiratory Acquired Infection (Jay Evans, Inimmune Corporation, Missoula), $130,108
  • Diagnosis of Blast and Impact Traumatic Brain Injury Using Micro RNA Biomarkers with Virtual Reality Cognitive Testing (Sarjubhai Patel, FYR Diagnostics, LLC/VAST Learning Solutions, Missoula), $140,606